If someone thinks Rotorua will become a bilingual city by simply making the street signs bilingual, they are dreaming.

When I go into town, I only hear English and a few foreign languages, but seldom te reo Maori.

Because I wanted to know the meaning of many Maori names, I went to Maori classes for a year. If Maori want to preserve their language, and why not, they should put the time in
and learn to speak it.

By making the street signs bilingual and spending a million dollars on the job, they are fooling themselves and everybody else by claiming Rotorua is bilingual. It is not that simple!



Facebook comments:
Readers on the Rotorua Daily Post Facebook page comment on the Pikiao Warriors win over the Pacific Sharks.

- Could hear them from home. It sounded like a mean atmosphere
- Proud moment son
- Awesome game, right down to the wire
- How good was that last minute try. Way to keep us going to the end
- 44 minutes over time...
- Dying seconds what a joke, half are 40 minutes not 45. They scored on the 44th minute, game was stolen from the Sharks
- Too much... You guys earned it.
- Congrats Pikiao... Great season, you deserve your time to shine and celebrate... Number one rule in any code - play to the ref
- mean as bumpy you champion! keep up the great work, proud of you
- The game was stopped numerous times in the second half directed at match managers. It wasn't 44 minutes over time.
- Sharp as Pikiao, mean!!
- Until the end and the final whistle
- Robbed
- Best grand finale I've ever been to. Kapai Pikiao Warriors