Feeding a family of four for about $100 a week requires some frugal recipes that don't compromise on taste and nutrients. Here's my top pick!

Bread and butter pudding

Spread butter (and honey or jam if you like!) onto bread - stale bread and crusts are fine - and layer in an ovenproof dish. Pour a mixture of beaten eggs and milk over the bread layers until moist and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake at 190c until the egg mixture has set - usually about 25 minutes.

Scotch eggs

I normally yield 6 Scotch eggs from a $2.00 pack of sausage meat. Combine the sausage meat with a selection of vegetables; grated onions, grated carrots, mashed kidney beans - whatever you fancy. Wrap the meat around freshly boiled eggs and dip in breadcrumbs. Bake for 45 minutes at 160c.

Sweet Chili Prawns and rice

If you get the timing right, you can often find prawns reduced to very low prices at Countdown. I usually stock up when I can, as they freeze very well. A quick, cheap and easy meal which is often eaten in my house consists of pan fried prawns, with cooked rice, sweet chili sauce and soy sauce thrown in. Also keeps well for a packed lunch the next day.



Semolina was routinely served to me during my early school days. Back then, it was lukewarm, stodgy and sweetened with jam. In my house, my Sons wolf Semolina down on most days along with fruits or honey. A large packet of Semolina costs under $2 and lasts us about 3 months. It keeps well in the fridge and I love the fact it is so quick and easy to make!