This year's Lakeside concert has its very own logo with a special local cultural flavour.

Graphic artist David Jones has provided the artwork for Lakeside concerts every year since they started 21 years ago.

But this year he enlisted the help of accomplished artist Okiwi Logan Shipgood, who has added a special Maori element to the logo.

Jones said the image represented homegrown talent that had been all over the world and had come back to Rotorua.


"Because of the nature of this particular concert, I felt it was necessary to consult with a Maori designer such as Logan to make sure of its authenticity."

Shipgood said Whenua represented our roots, which was why all of the musicians had been chosen - because they had roots in Rotorua.

"The paua eye represents how we looked at ourselves and how the world looks at us."

He said Mokoia Island and the kowhaiwhai emerging was all about what home was, rebirth and growth of the generations that lived here.

"Everyone from here recognises that back drop of Mokoia and the Kaharoa silhouette as seen from the Lakefront as home. It is also what many tourists identify from that same panorama at the Lakefront as Rotorua."

Lakeside 2018 - Whenua #itsabouthome artistic director Richard Anaru said he was thrilled with how the logo came out.

This year's concert, on Saturday February 17, features entirely local talent. Anaru said all the acts either lived in Rotorua or had links to the area - which was a first for the Lakeside concerts.

Lakeside 2018 - Whenua #itsabouthome line-up
Sons of Zion unplugged
Moana and the Tribe
Strangely Arousing
Modern Maori Quartet
Alayna Powley
Turanga Merito
Kelly Makiha
Maimoa Music
Howard Morrison Trio
Noelle Dannenbring
Hohaia Macfarlane