The Heart Foundation is aware of recent email approaches to local businesses in the Rotorua area requesting sponsorship and asking for donations in an online auction.

The foundation has put a release out this evening to say it has not sent these requests for funds and instead, they have been sent by "a person or persons posing as the 'Red Heart Blood Foundation'".

NZ Police were informed as soon as the information came to light and investigations are under way.

The emails sent have used the Heart Foundation logo and intellectual property, but the foundation said it "would like to advise the public that the Heart Foundation does not fundraise in this manner and has given no permission for any logo or other assets to be used".

Details of the email requests have indicated an online Facebook auction with prizes to be collected from Selwyn Primary Hall, Rotorua, by 8pm September 13.


The school was unaware and had now been informed.

Any electronic communication from the Heart Foundation will be sent from an authorised Heart Foundation email address.

Any members of the public who may be concerned should please contact their Police station and inform the Heart Foundation Communications team on 027 586 1139.

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