A Rotorua charitable trust has had a busy year and is encouraging the community to continue to get behind its work, and be a part of helping keep people's homes warm and dry.

Curtainbank accepts gifted, pre-loved, clean curtains and prepares them for donation to people in need, who are either referred or hold a community services card.

Those referrals come from Healthy Homes, Family First, WINZ, Plunket, social workers, GP practices, district nurses and community health organisations within the district.

The organisation has been operating in its present form for five years, and Curtainbank Rotorua trustee Judy Gregor says demand for what the charitable trust does has very much increased over the years.


She thinks factors which may contribute to this includes the new tenancy regulations and more beginning to be known about Curtainbank.

From April to September in 2019, a total of 81 homes were curtained, with 107 bedrooms, 48 lounges, 16 dining rooms and 31 other rooms.

From October 2019 to the end of May this year - during summer and the lockdown period - a total of 29 homes were curtained with 35 bedrooms, 24 lounges and 15 other rooms.

"If I was asked to look forward, I could see Curtainbank being needed for the next five years at least in this city and its surrounding areas."

She says Curtainbank Rotorua was very busy after coming out lockdown and catching up on orders. It is now starting to slow down.

Although the public is already "exceedingly generous", the charitable trust is always keen for donated curtains and to welcome new volunteers.

"Being able to contribute to the health of the community is invaluable. All our volunteers are absolutely magic."

The charitable trust currently has 11 volunteers, who worked 702 hours between April to September 2019.


The same 11 volunteers worked 511 hours between October 2019 and the end of May this year.

Judy says they have anecdotal evidence that there has been a decrease in the number of hospital admissions of children suffering from respiratory diseases.

Judy says the Rotorua Racecourse, where Curtainbank Rotorua is based, is helpful and accommodating, and that there are firms around town which give them generous discounts for lining materials.

Curtainbank Rotorua is open Wednesdays, 10am to 11.30am. For more information contact curtainbankrotorua@gmail.com or call Valarie on (027) 653 0836 or Judy on (027) 408 3730.