Red-nosed courier drivers in Rotorua have been going the extra mile to deliver much needed money for Cure Kids this month.

Aramex New Zealand has been a long time supporter of Cure Kids and its Red Nose Appeal, which helps create brighter futures for Kiwi kids living with serious illnesses.

Aramex Rotorua business owners Owen and Paula Morrison say the local team love getting behind the red nose campaign every year.

"There's children in Rotorua that rely on Cure Kids, so it's very close to our hearts and the Red Nose campaign unites our team here and the wider Aramex New Zealand family.


"There's a very serious message but it's delivered with a bit of fun, and we're not only financially contributing ourselves but we're also raising awareness across New Zealand by wearing the red masks and noses."

Aramex set a target of raising $10,000 but at just the half way mark, the company had already raised more than $12,000.

For every parcel delivered Aramex regional businesses owners donated one cent to the appeal and if they chose to increase this to two cents, the company would match it.

Aramex New Zealand chief executive Scott Jenyns says it was inspiring that courier franchisees and courier drivers had embraced the red nose campaign.

As well as fundraising efforts, Aramex has delivered care packs to families.

"It's been a very busy time over the last few months for us, but our team are excited about raising money for such a worthy cause.

"It's also lifted our spirits too. We've got red noses, masks and to make it more special, our rebrand from Fastway to Aramex has also seen us adopt red, which is the major colour of our identity as well as Cure Kids."

The Red Nose Appeal, with origins dating back to 1989, is Cure Kids biggest fundraising campaign, where Kiwis across Aotearoa come together to help fund big research for little lives.


The aim is to raise more than $1 million to fund New Zealand-based research.

Red Nose Day is Friday, July 31, but with fun events running throughout the month of July.

Scott says over the years there had been various iterations of the red nose – plastic, foam, car, novelty – but one thing has remained the same.

This is that the iconic little red nose has always been a symbol of hope - hope for better treatments, preventative strategies and, one day, cures for our children who are living with heart-breaking, life-affecting health conditions.

As part of the fundraising initiatives Scott has put himself forward as a prize for the franchise that has the most fun promoting the appeal.

"They'll get a $250 fuel voucher and I will come and work for them for a day – which I'm not sure is an incentive or not …," Scott says.