What's the 10th element of the periodic table?

Rotorua residents will gradually be gathering once again with friends and family to put their knowledge to the test as quiz nights start up again at local businesses.

Level 13 Theme Rooms & Costume Hire co-owner Deb Rowles says their Thursday quiz nights have started back up again with teams placed to adhere to social distancing.

She says it is a relief to have these and some business up and running again.


"We hadn't been able to generate any revenue because of the nature of our business."

She encourages people to support local businesses to help reboot the local economy, and to go out and explore businesses they have never been to before.

Rowles says the quiz nights help bring in revenue for their business as people buy food and drink.

They also get the pizzas from Rotorua's Guidough's Bakery, so it supports them too.

Co-owner Debbie Rowles from Level 13 Theme Rooms & Costume Hire. Photo / Andrew Warner
Co-owner Debbie Rowles from Level 13 Theme Rooms & Costume Hire. Photo / Andrew Warner

The quiz nights are free, you have to be 18 or older unless with a parent or legal guardian, and people are asked to pre-register so they can set out furniture to make sure it is sticking to the rules.

She says while Level 13 Theme Rooms & Costume Hire was shut they did a free Zoom quiz for three or four weeks through lockdown, running it from her house.

"A lot of people were quite appreciative."

"Hopefully people are feeling like they want to see friends and connect again, I think some people will have gotten used to being in their bubble."


She says they are also doing a locals rate at Level 13 Theme Rooms & Costume Hire of 20 per cent off of the theme room hire rate.

Mitchell Downs Tavern shareholder/partner Jay Bhullar says their quiz nights will be starting up again on Tuesday.

He says they are going to start the tavern's regular events again from just after Queen's Birthday weekend.

"We are really thankful and grateful for people. We encourage people to come in locally because we do support our local community as well, like sponsorships."

Bhullar says they have been getting great support from locals coming in to ask how lockdown went for them.

"Some businesses unfortunately won't survive through this which is sad. We were lucky.

"I think at this time everybody realises how important social events and gatherings are. It's great community spirit, that's why I think it was an eye opener for everyone."

Pig and Whistle Rotorua owner Gregg Brown says they are looking to start their quiz nights up again, but cannot see how to make them work with the current distance requirements due to space.

He says as soon as social distancing restrictions ease and they can, they will be straight into it. The same is for their live music.

"Tourism is going to find it very hard and hospitality is not far behind."

He thinks weekends will be quite busy for hospitality businesses, but during the week days it would be quiet, so it would be good to see locals out during the week.

Answer: Neon