People have the opportunity to help both their fitness and the environment during a new run with a purpose.

Envirohub is encouraging the community to help clean the Rotorua Lakefront with a short plogging run, starting at the Soundshell then around to Sulphur Point.

Envirohub Bay of Plenty projects manager Liesel Carnie says "plogging" is a Swedish term for picking up rubbish while jogging and started as an organised event in Sweden and has since gone global.

"Envirohub is always looking for ways to get people inspired to live more sustainably.


"Plogging is a bit of a no-brainer if you are already out running or walking - why not collect rubbish on your way? It is an easy step we can all take to help keep our environment pristine."

She says such events also make people aware of the amount of rubbish in our environment.

"It is easy to block this rubbish out of your mind and until you start looking for it you don't see how much litter there is - it is always a lot more than people think."
Liesel says every piece of rubbish in the environment is harmful to wildlife and pollutes the environment.

She says birds and fish think it is food and end up starving or dying from malnutrition as their stomachs become filled with rubbish.

"Every time it rains this rubbish gets washed into the lake which then become an issue for the water life, causing the same issues and furthermore becomes a pollutant to the water supply.

"We all have a part to play to help prevent this from happening- from choosing to refuse single-use plastics, putting rubbish in the correct bin and ensuring we pick up rubbish from our natural environment when we see it."

Liesel says they hope to see everyone there as it will be a fun morning and suitable for all abilities and ages.

Gloves and bags provided.


The details

■ What: Plogging Run
■ When: Saturday, February 29, 9am
■ Where: Starting at Soundshell, Memorial Drive