A burglary involving "soiled" sheets left at the victim's property has been detailed in recently released court documents.

The summary of facts said "soiled bed linen" was stashed in bushes near the Rotorua home as the burglars left the property.

When the Rotorua Daily Post reported on the burglary in November last year, the owners said they put the linen in a cardboard box to preserve DNA evidence.

Kharviarn Kayden Baker, 19, has since pleaded guilty to burglary, and a raft of other offences from earlier in November.


He will be sentenced in the Rotorua District Court next month.

A summary provided to the Rotorua Daily Post said the burglary on Kawaha Point Rd happened between November 23 and 24, while the victims were away.

Kawaha Point, Rotorua. Photo / File
Kawaha Point, Rotorua. Photo / File

Baker walked around the house, prised a window open and climbed through it, before opening a door for his associate.

The pair went through the house "picking up several tools and bottles of alcohol, leaving cupboard doors open and trying on clothes".

They moved a television from the bedroom to the kitchen bench before drinking a bottle of Appleton Estate rum.

Empty bottle of rum left at the scene. Photo / Supplied
Empty bottle of rum left at the scene. Photo / Supplied

They then took "soiled bed linen" from the room which they later threw down the bank.

"They wrapped up the items and took tools, a Bugaboo buffalo pushchair, a silver playpod cast men's watch, Kidston dress, Forever Comfort simple wedges shoes and a bottle of Citadelle Gin along with other clothing items.

"They carried these items out of the back... and placed the tools behind a power box across the road."


Fingerprints taken from the window matched Baker's.

Baker's other offending detailed in the summary included unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, driving while disqualified twice, driving under the influence of alcohol, failing to stop twice, wilful damage, theft, unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle and breaching bail conditions earlier that month.

Police confirmed that nobody else had been charged in relation to the Kawaha Point burglary.