A book with important ties to Rotorua has been launched in the city.

A launch for Be!ng was held last Friday at Rotorua Boys' High School, featuring authors Vikram and Aasha Murthy.

The book covers ways of leading authentically in an iConnected world.

Nga Pumanawa e Waru Education Trust chairman Leith Comer says about 60 people attended the event, with many being principals and teachers from the Rotorua education sector.


Leith says he knew Vikram because they had done some work on leadership development together when Leith was chief executive of the Ministry of Māori Development.

He says when he came back to Rotorua and got involved with the education trust, he invited Vikram to come to Rotorua and present his leadership development thinking to the Rotorua education sector.

Over about three years Vikram would have been involved with at least 250 principals and teachers in Rotorua, Leith says.

"This is why it was important for the book to be launched in Rotorua, because much of the material in the book was material that Vikram had used for a programme of leadership development with our Rotorua people."

Leith thinks everyone was happy and pleased Vikram accepted the invitation to have the launch in Rotorua.

He says familiar faces for Vikram and Aasha went to the launch, and it was a nice and important occasion in many ways.

The book Be!ng at the launch. Photo / Stephen Parker
The book Be!ng at the launch. Photo / Stephen Parker

Leith says, "I think it is a very well-resourced book.

"It is a book packed with information, ideas and concepts. I wouldn't say it's an easy read because every page has learning in it, but it's an important contribution to leadership development in schools throughout New Zealand."