Comedian Guy Williams is starting off his upcoming tour in Rotorua - a city which is "forever magical" in his eyes.

His "Some places in the central North Island and most of the South Island" Tour 2019 starts in Rotorua on Saturday, 7.30pm to 8.30pm, at Rotorua Little Theatre.

The star of the New Zealand Today television show is returning to touring and said this year he wanted to do a political show.

Williams said he loves small town New Zealand and is looking forward to this tour.


He said he grew up in Nelson, and there was something about the laid-back, lovely people who inhabited the provinces.

"It's part of the reason I love being a travelling comedian and why I loved making my television show New Zealand Today.

"One of the best things about touring is the chance to test out new material.

"We often have times where we think, 'that's funny', now it's my chance to find out if it actually is. And if it's not ... I'm in big trouble."

He said stand-up was hard to recommend because it was so subjective - "If you like New Zealand Today, or stuff I've done in the past then come along. If you don't like it, then stay away.

"A good comedy show is always worth double the price of admission because it's so great to get in a room and have a laugh. A bad comedy show is as bad as stabbing yourself in the face with a pencil."

He said his show was "pay what you want" - minimum $10, maximum $40.

"I hope everyone who wants to come can afford to come!"


This is not Williams' first show in Rotorua, and when asked what he enjoyed about holding shows in Rotorua he had a few reasons.

Williams said one of his earliest and happiest memories was having his fourth birthday at Rotorua's Wai-O-Tapu, so the city was forever magical in his eyes.

He said every time he came to Rotorua he visited and tried to tell people about three things he loved.

"Te Papaiouru Marae - one of the most beautiful in the country.

"Sabroso Restaurant - my favourite restaurant to visit on tour anywhere in New Zealand, (my second favourite, The Victoria Street Bistro in Hamilton closed down, RIP). I love the couple who run it and their experiences in South America mean it's the closest thing to actual South American food I've had in New Zealand.

"And the luge! I recently declared myself an official luge ambassador although the luge has officially denied that they have any involvement with me."

He said while in Rotorua he would go to the hot pools and, "could not be more excited or in need of a bit of relaxation, with everything going on at TV3 it's been a hard month".

More information and ticket booking is available at Recommended R15 - adult language and themes.