Another 10 days of biking fun and the community making cycling memories has come to a close for 2019.

This year's Rotorua Bike Festival ran from October 24 to November 3 and had a variety of events on offer for all ages, skill levels and biking fans.

Rotorua Bike Festival co-director Belinda Farmer says the 10 days were packed with 28 events, with at least 5000 people on bikes.

"The festival was fortunate to have the weather gods on its side with perfect weather.


"There was amazing family engagement with the community and the events."

Belinda says herself and Tim Farmer felt excited to take on the director role and wanted to support the event organisers as much as possible.

"I feel we achieved that goal and we are already thinking about next year, how we can make the festival grow with more participants locally, nationally and internationally."

She says she has a couple of personal highlights from the festival.

"During the Business of Bikes Breakfast event I felt completely overwhelmed with pride of the community we live in.

"The restaurant at Te Puia was packed with 95 people passionate about bikes and the beautiful Whakarewarewa Forest we have in Rotorua."

Belinda says another highlight is seeing people on bikes participating in the events, being outdoors and having fun.

She says when the MTB Adventure Quest event begun at Waipa, another forest user - not part of the event - made the comment, "this town always has something going on".


This year's Ride the Runway event had 1200 participants making the most of riding on the Rotorua Airport's smooth tarmac.

Belinda says a massive thank you to the participants for supporting the events, and thank you to all the hard work from the event organisers on the day.

"Stay tuned for Rotorua Bike Festival, Labour Weekend 2020!"

Rotorua Bike Festival Trust chairman Jonathan Dodd says this year's Rotorua Bike Festival went great and successfully, with a good turnout and some exciting new events.

He says as well as the estimated 5000 participants there were a lot of spectators too.

Cyclists setting off at the MTB Adventure Quest event. Photo / Mead
Cyclists setting off at the MTB Adventure Quest event. Photo / Mead

There are a number of personal highlights for Jonathan from this year's festivities.

He says one is the new Ride the Luge event, which he co-organised, because it was a success and showed a local iconic tourist attraction coming to the party and wanting to get involved.

The event had about 80 riders take part.

Seeing people exploring the forest was also great to see, he says.

"I think the variety of people involved and the variety of events is always great to see."

Jonathan says the Diwali Night Ride was fantastic.

"We really want to see all the different communities within Rotorua getting involved and it was an exciting example of celebrating a different culture within the festival."

He says the bike festival is a great event for Rotorua and encourages more cycling which helps all aspects of our lives, including our health, the community and the environment.

"I think the bike festival is also a way for people who don't ride so much to have a go at a variety of events in a supportive atmosphere."

He says a big thanks to all the sponsors.

For more photos and video from the many events which took place go to the Rotorua Bike Festival Facebook page.