Dining chairs, carpet and even a TV were among the illegally dumped waste that left the Tarawera transfer station overflowing in less than 24 hours.

A disgruntled resident went down to the transfer station by Lake Tarawera on Monday to find the place completely overflowing with mess.

Initially, she thought the council had neglected the site over the long weekend, however, the council had only been there to clean up a day earlier.

Rotorua Lakes Council general manager of infrastructure Stavros Michael said the reason the site was in such a state was due to people illegally dumping rubbish at the station.


He said outside of opening hours, the Tarawera transfer station should only be used for household rubbish in council-issued bags and recycling.

The state of the Tarawera Transfer Station on Monday. Photo / Supplied
The state of the Tarawera Transfer Station on Monday. Photo / Supplied

The issue over the weekend was that people were dumping things clearly not considered "household waste", ignoring the signage of what is and is not accepted at the station, he said.

Bins were overflowing with council bags, but also items like wooden stools, a tarpaulin, a TV and various other furniture.

Michael said transfer stations were checked, cleared and monitored over busy holiday periods and the station in question was cleared on Sunday afternoon and again on Monday about 11am.

"The rubbish photographed accumulated in less than 24 hours."

He said instances of illegal dumping like this overloaded the station's capacity and created safety risks for users and waste collection staff.

Waste collection services will be ramped up as the city moves into summer, he said.

"Rubbish and recycling is a significant cost to the community and the more responsible people are, the more cost-effective and efficient waste services are going to be."


The Tarawera Transfer Station was open Thursday 1pm to 4.30pm and Sunday 1pm to 4.30pm for people to dispose of small-scale commercial waste, larger quantities of household rubbish, clean scrap metal and green waste for a fee.

What is accepted (outside of opening hours):

- Red rubbish bags (council issued)

- Household recycling (see Council website here for accepted recycling)

What is not accepted (outside of opening hours):

- Furniture

- E-waste

- Green waste

- Whiteware

- Garden tools

- Rubbish not in Council issued bags

- Tyres