Thanks to tradition, an event all about fun is being hosted in Rotorua.

The Rotorua Chapter of the Red Hat Society, the Red Hot Lavas, won the Limpy Games event last year in Mount Maunganui.

Tradition dictates that the winners will host the games the following year.

According to their website, "The Red Hat Society is a playgroup for women created to connect like-minded women, make new friends and enrich lives through the power of fun and friendship".


With groups worldwide, one of the only stipulations of the group is the wearing of red hats and purple clothes if you are over 50, and pink hats and lavender clothes if you are a member under 50.

Barb Sundgren, aka Lady Leadfoot, is one of the organising committee members and says the group is designed to take the 'fear' out of turning 50 and allow women to look at life with a more light-hearted, philosophical and fun attitude.

The Rotorua Limpy Games are being held at the Rotorua Commercial Travellers (CT) Club on Tuesday, November 12, beginning at 10am.

All of the games are age appropriate with no running or jumping involved.

Barb says the main criteria of being involved in the Limpy Games is about having fun, which is the unwritten motto of the group.

There will be an opening ceremony, where a 'torch' will be brought in to the venue at morning tea time.

The games will then begin, followed by a lunch and prizegiving.

Members must compete as part of a team of four and Red Hat Society groups from all around the country have entered teams to participate.

The Rotorua Limpy Games are expecting more than 70 guests to "come out and play".


"Dressing up is part of the fun and many teams will come dressed in themed costumes for the day.

"Of course red hats and purple clothes prevail, as described on the website. In fact that is the only rule the Society has."

Barb says the Rotorua Red Hot Lavas group was formed 14 years ago and meets twice a month for a variety of activities involving fun, friendship, frivolity, freedom and food.

There are car rallies, quizzes and visits to local and out-of-town places of interest, craft days, movie outings, lunches and more.

"There really is something for everyone."

"Each Chapter chooses a name representative of their area and hopefully with a reference to something red, so we chose to be The Red Hot Lavas.

"Each Chapter has a Queen, who rules over her hatters and members are encouraged to come up with silly 'regal' names for themselves which are usually based on their interests, hobbies etc."

The Red Hot Lavas are always welcoming new members.

"We don't get involved in fundraising, as the Red Hat Society's beliefs are that we have spent our lifetime working, raising families, serving on committees and our fundraising days are over.

"We believe now is the time for us to just relax, be silly and enjoy ourselves."

The details
■ What: The Limpy Games
■ When: Tuesday, November 12, 10am
■ Where: Rotorua Commercial Travellers (CT) Club
■ What: A fun day of friendly competitive games and fun
■ Contact: Barb Sundgren - or (027) 435 1935