The latest radio survey results have revealed the shows that listeners in Rotorua love the most.

The GfK commercial radio survey saw NZME's The Hits Rotorua daytime host Paul Hickey take out the number one spot in Rotorua for local show share.

Hickey said he was "really happy" to maintain the position as the top local day show.

"I'm passionate about all things Rotorua and to know there is an audience there keen to hear local stories, news and information continues to make this job so rewarding.


"To have that audience across all age groups is satisfying too, being able to relate to all ages and walks of life as a born and bred local.

"So, I'll just keep doing what I've always done, but still be working hard to be part of the community and grow the local audience on The Hits even more."

NZME also had two of the top three stations in Rotorua, with Coast taking the runner-up and Flava third place in the share for listeners over the age of 10.

Flava racked up the most listeners in Rotorua and the most listeners at breakfast.

NZME chief executive Michael Boggs said: "Radio continues to be a dominant choice for New Zealanders when it comes to accessing news and entertainment. To see 83 per cent of Kiwis, or 3.6 million people, tune in to radio each week is staggering when there are so many competing demands on their time and attention."

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