The Work and Income building on Pukuatua St was in lockdown police have confirmed.

A police spokeswoman said they received a call at 9.05am but she could not confirm any other details.

Police have since been able to confirm the building went into voluntary lockdown as a precaution following a threat by a person through a phone call to the call centre.

"The office went into voluntary lockdown as a precaution. The police have managed to locate and arrest the person who issued the threat," a police spokeswoman said.


A client in the building at the time said everyone was asked to move to the centre of the room away from the windows.

"I'm under the impression a threat came through to the call centre and it is not someone in the building."

She said only seconds before she had pointed out how boring it must be for the security guard to stand outside all day when nothing happens.

According to the witness, Work and Income staff were waiting in another section of the building.

The building is located at the top end of Pukuatua St.

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