Visitors to Kerosene Creek are being warned to ensure they don't leave valuables in their vehicles.

The popular tourist hot spot south of Rotorua has also frequently been a regular spot for thieves.

Inspector Brendon Keenan said there had been three car break-ins during the past week in the area.

He said the area had long attracted thieves who preyed on tourists leaving cash and valuables in their car.


Despite signage and regular patrols from police and community partners, thieves would go back to the area to try their luck, he said.

"But we don't want people to be put off going there because it is such a great spot and the thefts tend to be infrequent."

Kerosene Creek is a natural hot-springs area with a waterfall, surrounded by dense forest and trails off Old Waiotapu Rd, about 30 minutes drive south of Rotorua on State Highway 5.

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