Rotorua's Kiwi Can programme was proud and excited to receive a sponsored vehicle from a Rotorua company which dug deep into its philanthropic pockets.

The vehicle was sponsored by Rotorua engineering firm Roadmaster, and is inclusive of all on-road and running costs.

Kiwi Can is a Graeme Dingle Foundation programme supporting children to learn that what they have inside is greater than any obstacle.

It is a fun and interactive lesson about values, delivered to every student in Kiwi Can schools every week throughout the school year.


Kiwi Can Rotorua is currently working with Kaitao Intermediate, Sunset Primary School, Horohoro School and Mamaku School, with expansion to other schools planned.

Chairwoman of the Graeme Dingle Foundation Rotorua, Heather Keefe, says the trust is overwhelmed by the generosity of Roadmaster MTE.

The vehicle was not only a mobile advertising billboard but saved significantly on costs to the trust.

Those savings can now be directed at the life-skills programmes the trust delivers in partnership with the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

Roadmaster MTE director Ross Bell says that being invited along to witness Kiwi Can in operation and learning about the fundamentals of the programme was a turning point for him.

He was impressed by the basic values being taught under the "Kiwi Can" banner and having the opportunity to observe gave him the confidence to make the right decision in providing a vehicle.

He felt the longevity of the programme was important with it being presented in schools on a weekly basis.

Values such as honesty, integrity and trust were important to him as an employer.


He always looked for these values in prospective employees when interviewing and they always played a significant part in his decisions to offer employment.

"It gives the kids the tools and hopefully makes a difference in their lives."

Megan Kusabs, Graeme Dingle Foundation Rotorua regional manager, Megan Kusabs says they are proud to have been chosen for this generous sponsorship.

She says one of their goals for this year is to raise Kiwi Can's profile in Rotorua, and the vehicle with its eye-catching signage means people are spotting them.

"It's a wonderful opportunity to be seen out there in the community."

She says it is great to have Bell and Roadmaster MTE on board with what they are doing, and providing this level of support for Kiwi Can in Rotorua.

"Building these skills, we are hoping to build great citizens and implant these skills for the workforce, and to make them good members of our community."

Kaitao Intermediate principal Phil Palfrey says Kiwi Can is a positive programme.

He says when the pupils are in the programme they get positive messages that teach them the school's and Kiwi Can's value, and that it engaged the pupils well.

"It's a great part that fits into our school and gives a positive vibe."