A week before Christmas Hollie Snell's mum and dad got the phone call all parents dread. Their 16-year-old daughter had been in a car crash.

She had been travelling home to Te Puke with her partner Keani Walters and friends when their car collided with another at Okere Falls, just out of Rotorua.

A woman in the passenger seat of an oncoming car had died and Hollie was in a critical condition. Doctors believed she was unlikely to survive and her family prepared to donate her organs.

But on the six-month anniversary of that fateful day, the now 17-year-old is walking, talking and learning to live life again.

In her own words, mother-of-three Dale Snell shares her journey with "the new Hollie" ahead of a long recovery.

My husband David and I had been to a wedding the night before and were in bed when we got the call. We flew out of bed and put our clothes on top of our


A note from Hollie