A cash prize of $25,000 may be at their fingertips but one Rotorua family already feel like winners, having grown closer during their time on XVenture.

Team Hemana has graced television screens for a month on the XVenture Family Challenge where eight families from Australia face off against eight New Zealand families.

Tomorrow, the team, made up of Kelly Hemana, daughter Saraya, brother Curtis Hemana and cousin Savannah Peina, will battle it out in the semifinal.

Kelly said the experience was something he would recommend to anybody.


"It's pretty much team building for families and bringing families together in a way you thought you already were.

"You realise pretty quickly you will always benefit from spending time together and you will always benefit from doing things outside your comfort zone."

He said it was even more of a test being an extended family team but the result was invaluable skills they could use outside the show.

Diverse challenges involving inflatables, virtual reality and drones make for the ultimate melting pot of fun, entertainment and competition which Kelly says is right up their alley.

"It was about being loud and proud ... we had fun and laughter the whole way through.
But sometimes you have to turn that off and realise it is for someone else to take the lead."

After a month watching himself on television, he said it was for the entertainment of other people.

"It is interesting what makes it to the TV. The last episode we were on was a two-day shoot but it was crammed into 22 minutes."

While the series is fast-paced and action-packed, there is a deep purpose for its original creation.


XVenture Family Challenge series creator and director Mike Conway said the heart of the show was about family.

"During the teenage years, there are so many changes facing a young person.

"If we can provide opportunities for them to develop emotional agility and resilience they'll build closer relationships and have a much greater chance of success in life."

Conway said it was awesome to experience first-hand how the teams evolved over the course of the challenges.

"Improved communication, collaboration and, most importantly, trust were at the heart of their transition."

Tune in to channel three on Sundays 5.10pm to see if the Hemana family has what it takes to get to the final.