With the sun shining and the April school holidays now in full swing, there has been plenty of chatter and laughter as Rotorua children enjoy a number of activities on offer.

Children and families have celebrated Easter together with free April School Holiday Craft Activities this week.

The craft activities were hosted by the Rotorua Museum at the Children's Art House.

Rotorua Museum events and engagement co-ordinator Tori Williams says the crafts had been busy with the first day having about 60 people attend and Tuesday about 75.


She says the Great Rotorua Museum Easter Egg Hunt has also had a lot of entries through already.

Rotorua's Scarlett Brown, 7, says at the Rotorua Museums crafts she made puppets and an Easter basket.

She says they were fun to make and she enjoyed colouring them in.

Luca Klomp, 7, who is visiting Rotorua from Kerikeri these school holidays, says he liked making an Easter puppet at the crafts because it was fun to play with.

For more information on the Great Rotorua Museum Easter Egg Hunt go to www.rotoruamuseum.co.nz.

There has also been a tonne of creativity poured out this week at The Arts Village's Holiday Arts Academy.

This week's activities have included drawing, sculpture, painting and abstract art.

The Arts Village children's arts educator Maui Riley says children on Tuesday used cardboard to create anything space-themed, and creations had included astronauts, jet packs and rocket ships.

Baylee Ross, 9, says she enjoyed making a bear costume in the sculpture activity on Tuesday, which took her about two hours to make.


"Its been really fun with Maui and everyone else, and it's been fun making new friends.

"I always enjoy coming here, it's really fun."

Baylee says she likes art because it includes patience and you can do all different types of art.

Reone Allen, 8, made a space rocket and a helmet on Tuesday.

He says he enjoys going to The Arts Village in the school holidays and making new things - "I've never made a rocket before".

He says he like rockets because some of them have cool colours, because fire comes out the bottom and because a lot of people watch them as they go up into space.

Reone says he enjoys art because you can both make new things and use new materials.

The Rotorua Library has had a range of activities on during the first week of the holiday to help keep children entertained.

Play dough fun, a Te Aka Mauri Ball, Lego Lucky Dip, Easter Pixel art and a visit from children's author and musician Deano Yipadee are just a few.

Keerat Sran, 9, was one of the many children who got building at the library's Lego Lucky Dip on Tuesday, and he was making a palace with a garden.

He says one of the reasons he likes Lego is because it comes in all different colours.

"What you imagine comes to life."

For more information on the Rotorua Library school holiday programme go to www.rotorualibrary.govt.nz.