Following the latest Rotorua Creative Communities Scheme funding round, a total of $27,400 was awarded to 23 arts projects across the Rotorua district.

Creative Communities Rotorua assessment committee chairwoman Diana Beattie said the successful projects included music events, visual arts, cultural arts, music and performing arts, craft and community art installations.

"It's always exciting to see the creative ideas our community is working on and this round is no exception.

"We received a large number of applications from new candidates who have new cultural experiences to bring to our community," Beattie said.


In the most recent funding round a total of 30 applications for funding were received, requesting more than $127,000.

The Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) offers two opportunities for funding each year and this funding is invaluable in supporting local arts initiatives.

One of the interesting projects from the last round of Creative Communities Scheme funding was 'FLY', a collaborative performance by local poet Angela Frank and Tui Mamaki, who is a French-born vocal explorer, performer, composer/arranger who has studied and been influenced by the music of Bulgaria.

"There has been talk of a tour. Tui's music and my poems complemented each other so well that we would like to work together in this way in the future", Angela Frank said.

Creative Communities Rotorua is a partnership between Creative New Zealand and Rotorua Lakes Council.

Its main focus is to contribute to the delivery of the local arts and culture policy through stimulating and providing support to arts and culture projects that:

- Encourage community engagement and participation in the arts;

- Support the diversity and cultural traditions of local communities, enriching and promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity;


- Enable and encourage young people to engage with and actively participate in the arts.

The next funding round for Rotorua Creative Communities will open August 15 and close on September 26.

"The scheme is open to any New Zealand individual or group, with a well-thought-through creative project for Rotorua they need funding help with," says local Creative Communities Scheme administrator Julie Parsons said.

Parsons has also offered her support to those who would like help with their applications.

Applications must be for arts projects not yet started, that will be delivered in the Rotorua district within 12 months of funding.

Go to for information and application forms or contact Julie Parsons

Projects funded in the April 2019 grant round

- Aorangi Primary School Pacifica Performing Group, Workshops in Pacifica song, dance and culture $800
- Aratika Cancer Trust, Creative Workshops Art projects Sep Oct Nov $500
- Cove Theatre - Rauru Three performances at Rotorua Fringe Festival $400
- Gayle Heath Remade - exhibition and workshop Exhibition and workshops to teach up-cycling techniques $800
- Glenys Courtney- Strachan Ukulele unleashed, Free ukulele lessons around town over four week period $500
- Heather Kremen Glass blowing paperweight workshop, Hands on experience making paperweight under expert supervision $1250
- Kiwi Racco Tanabata Day 2019 Japanese Star Celebration $1200
- Institute of Registered Music Teachers Rotorua, Rotorua Senior Scholarship 2019 Scholarship and free public concert in 31st year $950
- Jb Collections Art in Glass Programme 2019, St Chad's Community Centre - 8 glass art 8 workshops. $1800
- Kimiora Trust Toi Performing Arts six week performing arts workshops for teenagers $1100
- Lakes Charitable Trust Dance 4 Us Dance Classes for our mixed ability or special needs community $1500
- Maggie Covell Nightmare Songs (The Skepticism of Pathos) Exhibition using image, sound and text - interactive activities, artist's talk and limited edition book $1000
- Mamaku School Celebration of 125 Years, Mamaku Village School Production and art work for school and community $1000
- Nicola Wright Senior Art Interactions Series of seniors art workshops S750
- NZ Lockwood Aria Trust NZ Aria Competition Annual classical singing competition for young people $1000
- Paradise Fusion Ltd Cancer Society Arts Discovery Workshops, Series of 5 art workshops for clients of the Cancer Society $1700
- Rotorua Arts Village Colour the Night 2019, Free community event - one night mini Arts Festival $3000
- Rotorua Arts Village Rotorua Arts & Community Expo 2019, Free community event to promote the arts, creativity and local artists $1650
- Rotorua District Garden Festival, Music in the Gardens, Musical performances in gardens during Rotorua Garden Festival $1000
- Rotorua Japanese Playgroup, Rotorua Japanese Summer Festival, Celebrate Japanese New Year with local community children $1000
- Rotorua Multicultural Society Creative Crochet Creations, Eight 2 hour workshops to teach migrants and locals to crochet $1000
- Rotorua Youth Development Trust, Sunset Primary School Ukulele Orchestra, Establish a ukulele performance group at Sunset Primary School $1500
- Script to Screen Bay of Plenty Feature Film Screenwriting Workshop, Two day screen writing workshop – for emerging and experienced filmmakers $2000