Children will have the chance to develop their unique awareness of art at an exhibition returning to Rotorua.

Hosted by Rotorua Museum, the Muka Youth Prints exhibition follows a unique concept which allows children between the ages of 5 and 18 to independently view art in an adult-free space.

The exhibition includes a range of lithograph sketches by prominent New Zealand and international artists.

Rotorua Museum events and engagement co-ordinator Tori Williams says a lithograph is an authorised copy of an original work created by the artist, usually in a limited edition run.


"However, the names and signatures of the artists are covered over during the shows, so that when young art collectors look at the work they are not considering the fame of the artist or potential for financial gain.

"They choose purely because they like the artwork."

Muka Youth Prints is on show at Te Rūnanga Tea House this Sunday from 11am to 4.30pm.

To make the works accessible, all art is for sale at $75 each.

Tori says this exhibition gives children a chance to form their own opinions on what they like or do not like, without outside influence.

She says the parents are often completely surprised by the works their child chose to buy.

Co-founder and Muka director Magda Van Gils has been involved in the project since 1986 and has come to Rotorua most years.

Magda Van Gils says the method of this exhibition allows young people to develop a unique awareness of art which cannot be taught.


"By entering the room without adults, and with an opportunity to choose, young people really engage with the works of art", she says.

For more information contact Rotorua Museum by calling (07) 351 8055 or email

The details
- What: Muka Youth Prints
- When: Sunday, 11am to 4.30pm
- Where: Te Rūnanga Tea House, Government Gardens
- Cost: Free