Bay of Plenty MPs react to police pursuits ahead of a major review to be released today.

Simon Bridges

I back the police to make the right decision depending on the circumstances. It is an operational matter for police and it's important that politicians don't get in the way of police making those decisions. Nobody wants to see crashes but it's important the rule of law is maintained.

Jan Tinetti


Minister Stuart Nash has said publicly he trusts police to make the right decisions when it comes to car chases and does not believe a ban is the right answer. This is no different in the Bay of Plenty. I trust our local police to make the right decisions at the time.
Drivers have a choice to flee or stop.

Tamati Coffey

Police chase people for good reason. My message to those involved is to pull over. If you've got nothing to hide, there shouldn't be a problem. Too many chases end up unnecessarily as fatalities.

Fletcher Tabuteau

The rise in fleeing driver incidents and related deaths is a heinous problem. The first thing to do is stop the police blame game. We must look at the individuals whose actions create the need for pursuits in the first place and find a solution.

Todd McLay

This can be a challenging issue however I back the police fully. They have appropriate guidance and procedures in place to consider public safety before deciding upon a pursuit. Where a motorist fails to stop they are breaking the law. I am aware police must continue to consider public safety while a pursuit is under way and where the risk to the public becomes too great they stop the pursuit. It's important the rule of law is maintained. It is the driver who tries to evade police who puts the public and themselves at unnecessary risk.