I agree with Business Reporter Damien Venuto's online article (February 1) about the media and bad language.

Nowadays using bad language or showing offensive finger gesture has reached danger level. Media or movies truly aggravate the situation. They are desperate to attract people's attention for their business interests.

Filmmakers are obsessed to use the bad language everywhere to make it somewhat different. Rose unexpectedly showed an offensive finger gesture in the 1997 American film Titanic. It was really inappropriate.

Contrary to film industry's belief, a low budget 2014 British biographical film for physicist Stephen Hawking was so successful without any bad language.


The author Jane Hawking asked director James Marsh to delete all the F words on the script as she had never heard any F word in the 60s and still believes many people do not use it today.

I think it is high time to consider how badly the bad languages or gestures destroy our society.

I have personally had some bad experiences. One tiny action of provocation by offensive finger gesture escalated into a terrible argument. It made me really stressed and wasted my precious time.

Andy Myungsoo Lee

Humble apologies

I am quite ready to admit that I often get things wrong, but in all my born days I have never been so wrong about something as this.

For many years now I have denigrated a certain race of people, recent events have shown me that I am inexcusably wrong.

We recently went to a son's wedding in the UK, travelling through Shanghai to get there.

Because I am elderly and suffer certain ailments I made use of the offered wheelchair at the terminal.


A young Chinese official sat me in the chair and whisked both my wife and me straight through the various regulatory inspections and within minutes of getting off one aircraft we were waiting for the next.

On the return journey, we were upgraded by the Chinese officials to Business Class.

The treatment throughout the Chinese airport was courteous, caring and extremely helpful, after a long tiring flight we were very grateful.

Had we been shown the same consideration at the British airport, Heathrow, then the journey would have been perfect.

My humble apologies China, I have learned to think before making judgements.

Jim Adams

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