As a parent it has fascinated me to see the attraction all kids have with zombies. Zombie Star Wars, zombie Jane Austen (true), zombie pre-school: you name it, somebody's zombified it.

Perhaps it's got something to do with school? School, where if you misbehave they seem to shoot you full of Ritalin and turn you into a zombie version of yourself. (I recall my High School days, where it was valium).

Is it better to outlaw corporal punishment, which hurts a bit and then is over, or to outlaw behaviour-controlling drugs that breed dependency?

What will they say about our society in 100 years?


GJ Philip

Children should be consulted

I disagree with the letter of Tracy McLeod (Letters, January 21) and getting children involved with the development of the playground area at the Lakefront.

I do consider the whole Lakefront development questionable, but who better to ask about what the needs are for a playground update than the ultimate users, children.

If done properly this exercise could be a great learning curve for the younger generation to understand how the decision process works and the ramifications of any decision they make.

After all is said and done these children are going to become the city leaders, ratepayers and citizens in the years to come.

If these future citizens can learn from the mistakes our current civic leaders have made, maybe there is a rosy future ahead.

Derek Packham
Lake Tarawera

Use resources for school lunches

Re Financial fears head list of concerns for Māori in survey (Te Māori, January 29).


I'm not surprised by the survey. Either it's the same old story in any society as it is in Māori society - the gap between rich and poor gets bigger as each year passes.

Iwi have had time to have a solid financial base in order so I think it is time to give back in the form of meals at school to their moko.

Start when they first go to school - healthy meals too - you're be in a win win situation.

The kids will be healthy, educated and they will bring home their knowledge on healthy eating.

In Māori society you talk about how important whanau is which is quite right and how it should be but on the other hand you are letting your moko go hungry and waiting for the Government to do something about it when you have got the finances to do it yourself.

Everybody knows waiting on the Government is like taking a slow boat to China so what are you waiting for?

Gavin Muir

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