A man and his pregnant wife and their guests; a couple with a 9-month-old baby, say they now fear staying in their apartment after a car crashed into it.

The apartment was hit by a car after the car collided with a truck near Fenton St at 6.45am yesterday.

"It was a bang, all of a sudden," Raj Brar said.

His wife Ruby Brar, the mother of 9-month-old Viraj Brar, said the family was "totally shaken" by the incident.


"My husband told me 'bring the baby outside, hurry up.'

"We thought it was an earthquake."

The crash caused the contents of the fridge and kitchen cupboard to be emptied on to the floor and the fridge to move in front of the bedroom. The car put a hole in the wall and caused visible damage to the building.

It narrowly missed two gas cylinders on the side of the building.

The bathroom door can no longer shut and cracks have emerged on the walls and door frames, though the water is still working.

"We're just thankful we're alive," tenant Garry Sabdhu said, whose wife Kiran is pregnant.

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The families fear because it has happened once, it could happen again and are especially worried about the baby and newborn on the way.

"We just want to a request the landlord finds us temporary accommodation ... We don't have an extra flat to live in."

But the landlord, who did not want to be named, said he had no options for a place for the families to live temporarily.

"I don't have any back-up. You don't expect these things."

A builder from Allen Building Services Ltd, who was at the scene of the crash yesterday afternoon said there was damage to the building but "structurally, it's okay".

"There's definitely structural damage but it's not to the point that they'd have to move out straight away - provided the brickwork didn't fall down."

The crash caused damage around the bathroom door frame. Photo / Andrew Warner
The crash caused damage around the bathroom door frame. Photo / Andrew Warner

He said the biggest issue was if the bottom bricks were taken out, the top would fall.

The builder said the landlord was going to put a cover sheet over the hole to prevent further damage.

A police media spokeswoman said a person suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Police inquiries are still being made.