Festive cheer and giving are still being celebrated into the New Year as Rotorua Community Hospice is presented with funds raised from a Christmas campaign.

The Farmers Tree of Remembrance Campaign was held in the six weeks leading up to Christmas.

It is a campaign which Farmers holds nationwide for Hospices nationwide.

In the Christmas just gone, the Rotorua Farmers store raised the fifth highest nationwide - $23,545 - and all of these funds will be used locally.


More than $763,000 has been donated to hospice services around the country following the Christmas fundraising campaign supported by all Farmers Departments stores.

Once again, Farmers customers and staff were fully behind the campaign, buying the limited edition bauble and making donations to the Tree of Remembrance.

Rotorua Community Hospice chief executive officer Jonathon Hagger says that for the community of Rotorua, the donation of $23,545 will enable Rotorua Hospice to provide every patient for a whole year with the consumables they need such as bandages, gloves and syringes.

"Not only did the team at Farmers embrace raising funds for Rotorua Community Hospice, they also worked as ambassadors for our services, helping the community to better understand the work we do.

"The awareness raising that comes from being involved with Farmers is invaluable."

He says the enthusiasm and commitment from all staff and the people of Rotorua has contributed to this amazing result - "Thank you so much".

To celebrate the money raised locally, a presentation and celebration was held last Wednesday morning at Farmers Rotorua.

Rotorua Community Hospice board member John Petrie thanked the Farmers staff for their "remarkable achievement" in raising so much money for Hospice.


"By giving people the opportunity to donate to Hospice, you are also giving them the chance to feel good about themselves because they are donating to a worthwhile service.

"It is a pleasure to present this Certificate of Appreciation."

The remembrance cards which were written out for the Tree of Remembrance will be blessed at a memorial service the Rotorua Hospice holds on the first Sunday of March.

They will then be cremated and the ashes put into the garden at the local building.

Farmers Rotorua manager John Porteous says Hospice is a great cause to support because it affects everyone in the community.

"We like to support this one because all the money we raise goes to our local charity.

"I'm very proud of our team, that we raised so much, and the Rotorua public for being so generous."