He hasn't found a new owner for his boat but eastern Bay of Plenty burglary victim Richard Moon has been given the names of those allegedly responsible for ransacking his family's home.

Moon and his wife Pippa-Jane arrived home at about 1am on Boxing Day to find their Stanley Rd home trashed and thousands of dollars' worth of property taken.

Walking from room to room filming the carnage, Moon provided an expletive-laden commentary on the damage the thieves had wreaked on his home, before posting it to social media.

As part of the commentary, Moon offered his boat as a reward to whoever could present the people responsible to him and/or bring back his work tools.


The post has been shared more than 4300 times, with close to 1500 people commenting on it.

"That's not to mention the private messages of support I have received," Moon said. "There has been over 1000 of those."

He said he had no idea the post would "blow up".

"I've had maybe six or seven different people get in touch with names, they've all given me the same names.

"Now it's a matter of finding the gear that has been taken."

He said he was aware of one or two people actively out looking for some of the stolen property in the hope of getting the boat.

"The eastern Bay is pretty small and I'm hoping we get some gear back."

Moon estimates in excess of $30,000 worth of gear was taken in the burglary, including all his work tools. He admits to being woefully under-insured.


"Insurance premiums for some of the gear, like the work tools and the motorbike, are just too steep.

"I'm lucky that my boss has lent me a set of work tools until I can replace my own. He's looking after me which is awesome."

Two guns secured in a gun cabinet were also taken in the burglary after the thieves ripped the gun cabinet off the wall.

"I've had a mate staying since just before Christmas and he's been doing a bit of hunting. His guns were secured in the cabinet that was secured to the wall."

Moon said he and his wife used the cabinet as a safe.

Sentimental items with no value to anyone but Pippa-Jane had also been broken for no reason, Moon said.

"They ruined a heap of letters that she got when she had childhood cancer."

The letters, sent to Pippa-Jane when she had bone cancer as a 12-year-old, were tipped on to the floor and walked over with wet boots.

"She's pretty upset about that. She's gone to her parents' house."

Pippa-Jane's collection of bug cases as part of her vet training were also smashed on the ground.

Moon, who teaches jujitsu in Kawerau, said the family felt violated knowing their home had been broken into.

The burglars left behind their 10-year-old son Drae's Christmas presents under the tree which he hadn't yet opened, as well as footprints and tyre tracks.

"Drae has been staying with his grandparents since the burglary, he's pretty freaked out by it all," Moon said. "I'm sure he'll be back soon."

Police were at the scene this morning completing an examination.