Rotorua pupils who gave up their time during the year to help keep their peers safe have been rewarded with a fun day of splashing about and enjoying yummy food.

Pupils who contributed to road safety at their schools got to enjoy a day at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre last Friday, which included inflatables, a barbecue, lollies and ice blocks.

School community officer Senior Constable Viv Sutton said the children had been meeting and volunteering all year at their schools, either at road crossings or as bus wardens.

She said this involved being rostered each week and being out there as road patrollers rain, hail and shine.


There were about 400 pupils at the celebratory event from primary and intermediate schools, she said.

It was hosted by the Rotorua police and was sponsored by the Rotorua Lakes Council and Community Leisure Management (CLM).

"They are really keen to do what they can to help us out. The kids are here for free.

"This is their reward for all that work."

Sutton said road patrolling was a great experience and opportunity for the pupils.

"For these young people that have been volunteering their time, it shows future employers they are community-minded, can follow systems and processes and give their own time for the wider community."

She said it was important to acknowledge the pupil's efforts and time throughout the year, and how they were contributing to road safety in their community.

Sutton said the pupils also got a certificate and a badge for their services.

Lynmore School pupils Katelin Kelly, 11, Lidewij Zuidmeer, 10, and Poppy Croucher, 10, agreed that they had enjoyed helping people cross the road safely, especially when they were not with their parents.

"Some people are silly on the roads."

They were excited to play in the water, go on the big inflatables, eat the barbecue sausages and have a fun day out of school.