Geyser Community Foundation has celebrated giving by dishing out thousands of dollars worth of gifts at their annual awards function this week.

Geyser approved gifts totalling more than $220,000 from donor funds this financial year, while the total value of gifts made at Geyser's "Celebrating Giving" awards function at Princes Gate Hotel on Tuesday exceeded $50,000.

Geyser Foundation chairman Pat Brown said thanks to the generosity of an increasing number of donors Geyser was delighted to be able to make a wide range of gifts available to a growing number of individuals and charitable organisations in the Rotorua and Taupō district communities.

"Geyser is a place-based charity. Our aim is to provide a simple and effective way for individuals, families, businesses and other generous people to support the communities and causes that are important to them.

"These gifts represent donations from a wide range of local people who want to contribute towards a permanent legacy for the benefit of our local communities," he said.


"Geyser's vision is to build substantial endowment funds to meet the existing and emerging needs of the Rotorua and Taupō communities. The income from these funds will provide positive, sustainable change in our communities for the long term."

Brown said they welcomed donations and gifts of all sizes so they could reach further into the Rotorua and Taupo communities and help more people benefit.

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