Landlords should pay

The night shelter is on a month-by-month basis (News, November 3) - this is very sad. Tiny Deane worked so hard to get it going. This then is the solution: get the council to fund it instead of all the other ridiculous schemes it dreams up.

There could even be a special tax on the greedy landlords to fund the night shelter, in fact, that is a very good idea, why not tax the greedy landlords to fund the night shelter for the homeless? Justice! (Abridged)

Jim Adams

On the mark


I never had much time for Peter Williams with his sport-orientated opinions but he has hit the nail on the head with politicians.

Phil Twyford ought to front up about this road into Tauranga Northern Link being put on the back burner (on the never ever plan). Doesn't he realise that if you restrict access to the Port of Tauranga it's going to cost the whole country millions of dollars, not just the National Party-held electorate of Tauranga?

This is a very slippery slope indeed. And you wonder why politicians are well down the list of people trusted. You have to ask yourself what goes on in their minds to try to pull the wool over our eyes like sheep. (Abridged)

Gavin Muir

Boardwalk safety

One feature of the proposed future lakefront is the much-heralded boardwalk. Surprising that nobody has ever wondered about the safety for children walking on it. In fact, when the boardwalk is wet and slippery it may not even be safe for adults. Perhaps the council may employ lifeguards and erect a sign telling us to walk between the flags? The mind boggles.

Harry Brasser