City parking

Rotorua inner city parking system is being overhauled. The user-friendly parking terminals will enable users to pay by debit and credit cards and smartphone apps.

But wait, there's more.

The commonly used Eftpos card is unavailable. Yes, you heard right. Not only that but only half of the machines will be able to take coins. On the council's website, it touts the new benefits of the new system as; "It's paperless, sophisticated and offers multiple ways to pay easily".


When the councils coins its phrase easily – does it mean "Easier said than done?"

I sincerely hope the council is not creating another deterrent for people not to patronise the CBD. (Abridged)

Tracey McLeod
Lake Tarawera

Jesus Christ was giving his followers a few tips one day when he told them to avoid property speculators. Specifically, those who buy up cheap houses where poor people are living and evict them. Sound familiar?

What was Jesus' advice? Don't have anything to do with those people, despite their long prayers, their first-place at the meeting house, their best-seats at tangi and their fine clothing.
GJ Philip

Long-term plans and the Lakefront

I was astounded to read (News, October 5) that items in the long term plan are fixed in concrete and no account taken of changing circumstances.

I would like to ask whether earthquakes and closure of important facilities should not change the long term plan?

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Secondly, how can we justify spending millions on the lakefront? I think we as ratepayers are entitled to see a breakdown of costs. Thirdly the proposed plan is impracticable. How is lake weed going to be removed and where are all the cars going to park? By all means knock down the Soundshell but don't spend millions that could be better spent elsewhere. Come on council get the priorities sorted. (Abridged)

Alan Deverson