Lakefront spending 'staggering'

The amount of money thrown at the Lakefront is staggering, (News, September 25). Firstly $20 million spent by the council, us ratepayers, then another $19.9m by the Government, us taxpayers (the same people). I just cannot imagine why it has to cost that much. Some contractors will be doing all right out of this.

In the process, the Sea Scouts hall will be demolished shortly. How sad. I believe the reason is to maximise the lake view from the new hotel shortly to be built.

The council must be well aware that Rotorua residents are not in favour of this. What is next I wonder. (Abridged)


Harry Brasser

Disturbing spend

I find it disturbing to see the town leaders celebrating a combined $54.8 million to be spent on just two ultimate legacy projects; being the Lakefront and the Redwoods.

These are peripheral to Rotorua's basic needs, yet the local share of 27.5m represents 63 per cent of total rates revenue (of $43m) for the next year!

That is a stupendous expenditure. And when added to the $30m for the museum, $15m for the convention centre, $20m for the aquatic centre, $5m for the airport, etc, etc, we are being spent into oblivion. The Lakefront facilities are durable and in good shape. Why replace hard-fired brick with wood? Also, the Lakefront is shallow and contains toxic sludge. The same leaders baulk at spending money to clean that up.

For the mayor to say these projects will provide infrastructure and are supported by robust business cases, well, isn't that the same argument we heard about the airport that now is a financial millstone? If allowed to continue, the enduring legacy of this administration will be a half-billion dollar debt to blight Rotorua's future.

Jon Turner

Editor's note: This letter originally ran on September 28. It has been republished in full here because a key detail was removed during the editing process.