If you have a bike at home collecting dust, then a local initiative which will recycle bikes and give them to those less fortunate is the perfect solution.

Bicycle Recycle is asking people to drop their old bikes out to Mountain Bike Rotorua on Waipa State Mill Rd any time next week.

However, if people cannot get bikes out there, a collection day is being held tomorrow at the Mountain Bike Rotorua shop - 1211 Fenton St - from 10am to 2pm.

In a few weeks, The Hits will be asking for people to nominate those who they think should receive a recycled bike.


Mountain Bike Rotorua co-owner Tak Mutu says the whole idea is to get more people out riding and provide bikes for those who are not able to get a hold of bikes - "Not everyone can afford that luxury".

"At the end of the day, it's about giving to those people who don't have a lot."

He says they are after bikes which need a bit of love to make them awesome.

"We want bikes that are working but just need bit more care."

Tak says they will then make the bikes as good as they can so families can get out riding.

"We are always trying to do as much as we can and this is one of the ways we can give back."

Tak says Rotorua has so much going for it, including mountain bike trails and cycleways all over the place.

"We just ask for people to open up their hearts and give to those less fortunate than others."

The Hits Rotorua media personality Paul Hickey says the community knows Rotorua is already regarded as a cycling mecca, but there are so many people who for whatever reasons have not had the opportunity to be part of the excitement.


"So for those who already know the fun of cycling, this is a great way to help grow the community even further."

Paul loves it when The Hits Rotorua gets behind great initiatives like this.

"It saves some space at the landfills, and there's the health benefits too.

"I've got many great memories that were forged on a bike, and the more people who have the chance to do that too, the better."