Penny-farthings, sheep and art are just a few things people will see as part of this year's Rotorua Bike Festival.

Some of the community may have recently spotted a bike-related display at the Rotorua Airport.

Rotorua Bike Festival trust chairman Jonathan Dodd says the festival has had penny-farthings for a couple of years for events, and they realised it was pointless to have them in storage for most of the year.

Therefore, a collection of people pitched in and put together the display.


"It's been a whole community effort which is cool."

To stop people from climbing onto the bigger penny-farthing, it was decided put a mannequin on top, which was how Peni the sheep came about.

However, children can jump on the smaller penny-farthing if they would like.

Jonathan says they have been getting positive remarks and it puts smiles on people's faces.

"Just while we've been in here we've seen a whole group of grown men spend a lot of time by it, it was great.

He thanks Rotorua Airport for allowing the use of their space, and says people might see the display at other spaces over the future months too.

Harm Zuidmeer of Dancing Moose - Bicycle Adventure Supplies says local sculptor Nicola Wright made the head and feet of the sheep, while he created the rest of it.

He says it took about six weeks on and off to put it all together.


Harm says once they decided to go with an animal for the mannequin, they decided on a sheep because of its fluffiness and significance to New Zealand.

Rotorua arts advocate Jill Walker says about four schools will be making bike-inspired bunting to help add vibrancy to the Rotorua Bike Festival's opening.

There will also be a Recycled Revolution Fashion Show on the opening night.

The festival will have a Te Manawa Hub, which will include a community bike art collaboration project, led by a local artist, for people to get involved with.

The hub will also include a 'show us your trick' competition, 'pimp my ride' and lunchtime Yoga.

As part of The Arts Village's Holiday Art Academy children will be creating bike wheel dream catchers with Lani Eyles and bike-like sky art with Jill.

These creations will be displayed at Te Manawa and events in the festival.

Those interested can contact The Arts Village.

Rotorua shops are also invited to decorate their windows with a bike theme.

Jill thinks it is great when the arts is married with sports.

"It's very exciting the Rotorua Bike Festival decided this year to extend the opportunities for arts to add it's own vibrancy and creativity to this festival.

"I think it's exciting we are going to see artworks made from bike parts, art inspired by bikes and fashion that's created around bikes."

She says through her involvement she is encouraged to learn to ride a bike again and that it might do the same for others.