Crime across Rotorua has declined over the last year, but seven Rotorua suburbs still had more than 500 recorded offences.

Kuirau and Victoria topped the list, with 2136 and 1031 offences respectively, while Glenholme had the highest number of recorded offences for a solely residential suburb, with 694 in the year ending July.

Glenholme has routinely made the news over the last year with car thefts, in particular, being an issue.

Earlier in the year, Rotorua police area prevention manager Inspector Brendon Keenan said there were "big concentrations" of theft in the suburb.


In the year ending July, there were 169 records of unlawful entry with intent to burgle and 133 records of theft and related offences.

Owen Archibald has lived in Glenholme for a few months, having moved down from Auckland.

"Nothing much happens here, we've got good neighbours and we haven't had any issues."

He said when he moved to Rotorua he was told Fordlands, Western Heights and Ōwhata were the "places to avoid".

Western Heights and Ōwhata both make it on to the highest crime suburbs list.

Ōwhata and Glenholme are broken up by police into smaller sections.

Ōwhata is divided into Ōwhata West, which is the northern side of Te Ngae Rd, Ōwhata East, which is the southern side of Te Ngae Rd, and Poets Corner, which is the area surrounding Tennyson Drive.

Ōwhata West accounted for 437 of the recorded offences over the last year while poets corner and Ōwhata East were less than half of that at 210.

Glenholme is divided by Ranolf St into Glenholme West and Glenholme East.

Like Ōwhata, the western side of Glenholme accounted for double the offences of the eastern side with 478 and 216 recorded offences respectively.

Western Heights had 603 recorded offences over the last year making it the sixth highest suburb for crime.

Moana Ngature grew up in the suburb and recently moved back.

"It has its ups and downs but it's a good area.

"There have been some freaky moments, like when there were cases of arson on Clayton Rd, but we mostly just stick to ourselves."

She said it was handy having the shops and schools nearby and everybody kept an eye on each other.

"Crime happens everywhere.

"I definitely didn't realise it was going down, but then it's only the bad things you hear."

Western Heights Foursquare manager Frank Kumar said he'd had his share of break-ins but he hadn't seen that in residential property.

"Sometimes there's a bit of truancy with the naughty ones but generally it's all good.

"We've been here almost 26 years so we know most of the people and things are getting better here."

The top 10 highest suburbs for crime
1. Kuirau, 2136
2. Victoria, 1031
3. Glenholme, 694
4. Ōwhata, 647
5. Mangakakahi, 611
6. Western Heights, 603
7. Fairy Springs, 565
8. Pukehangi, 486
9. Fordlands, 455
10. Ngongotahā, 452