I used to think Winston Peters was a sensible man who could evaluate things and come up with decisions that were suited to the situation concerned but it appears I'm wrong.

He got some Australian to evaluate our racing industry and this said "expert" has come back with a suggestion to close tracks all over the country, including Rotorua's track.

The local race-horse owners/trainers need the local track. It's all very well to say they can go to Cambridge to train and race but that really isn't suitable because of the costs involved. It would send them broke.

This will be going on all across the country! Closing tracks and making horse racing too expensive for those people who are just able to cope now.


If Winnie is serious about trying to improve the industry he had better start thinking for himself and asking the people in the racing game for some real facts.
Rod Petterson

Recently discharged from hospital, I offer profound thanks to the rehabilitation team - nurses, doctors, support staff, food and cleaning/supply staff, therapists, social workers and volunteer visitors. All were knowledgeable, patient and versatile, able to cope with a range of needs, people and unexpected glitches.

They often worked long hours under pressure.

Cheerful, positive nurses got us up and moving; calm sympathisers dealt with pain and difficulty. They are an interesting local and multinational crew to talk with.

I learned a lot.

Congratulations also to the DHB for rejecting pre-packaged frozen meals in favour of on-site prepared food in a choice of components and quantities. It was good and nutritious, tempting us to eat, despite poor appetites.
Shari Cole

I could not believe my own eyes when I read Dave Donaldson's letter (Letters, August 30).

To have a spat with a fellow councillor in a very public forum is sinking lower than low, in my view.


I agree with Bentley in that we should attend to maintenance issues in our once beautiful city - that way private investors might have confidence in our council to invest knowing their investment will be well loved and maintained.
Jane Tuart

I really enjoy reading the Rotorua Daily Post and in particular the columns and letters to the editor.

Lizzie Marvelly sometimes makes a contribution by writing a column. I believe she is a talented writer but note it seems that she can only write about one topic - gender issues and her sexual preferences.

I'm happy for her that she has found out who she is but it would be refreshing to read a column of hers on a different topic.

I'm wondering if she can write about sport, keeping healthy, te reo, climate change, refugees, education, neighbourhood watch, animal safety - the list could go on.

I would gladly read her column.
Eileen Onekawa-Sheehan