When I picked up the brochure Inspiration Of A Nation – SPITFIRE from the Basement Cinema it reminded me of our own fighter pilot.

Flight Lieutenant Jack Stafford D.F.C (1922-2015).

I first met Jack at the local writers' group. What a story teller, mostly riddled with humour, he would have the members in fits of laughter.

In 2008 he wrote a novella Son of a Tempest Pilot. My copy is padded with lots of newspaper cuttings and a lovely photo I took of him and his wife Edith, in their lounge.


I reread the novella last night, through misty eyes, I might add, and wished there was more.

I remembered watching Jack and Edith glide across the dance floor at the RSA and had marvelled at this war hero, who had fought the Hun in the skies over London and, who was lucky enough to have returned home.

It made me think how lucky we are to have the peace and freedom we have today.

(Jack died on August 1, 2015).


Pauleen Wilkinson

Buying homes should be for security and stability, not greed

I feel uncomfortable when I read excited headlines regarding the property market.

Am I meant to be jumping over the moon because my property has escalated in value to some ridiculous impractical amount? It is incredibly sad for those who genuinely wish to buy a home, to establish a base, a foundation, not aiming to climb on that so-called property ladder.


What is wrong with people? Are they so consumed with greed that they cannot understand that a house should become a loved home?

To my old-fashioned mind it seems morally wrong that somebody - often from out of town - can buy two or three properties, and quote, give them a tidy up and a lick of paint, rub their hands with glee and rent them out at a high price.

Too much to hope for sadly, but I wish we could return to the original thinking, when buying a home was the aim for most of us to provide security and stability to our lives.

A N Christie