The main building of Wairoa House on Spa Rd in Taupo has been temporarily closed following the removal of asbestos from two basement areas at the weekend.

Taupo District Council said this was to allow further testing to take place. The Ruapehu and Tauhara wings would remain open.

Specialist contractors are due on site tomorrow to undertake further air monitoring as a precautionary measure.

Facilities manager Garreth Robinson said the removal was completed successfully but some asbestos specialists would be undertaking further testing to confirm whether the site was safe for occupation.


Worksafe NZ has been notified and tenants were making alternative arrangements until the all-clear was given.

The closure has not affected any of the school clinics run by Anamata Café or the services delivered in Turangi. Any urgent health issues should be referred to a general practitioner.

Anamata Café will be operating out of the Taupo Health Centre from Monday, September 3 and updates can be found on its website. In the meantime, clients can access emergency contraception at Main St Pharmacy.

Other agencies can be contacted by phone. Taupō Citizens Advice Bureau 0800 367 222; DHB Lactation Consultants 0800 525 372; Pregnancy Help, see their Facebook page; Taupo Community Food Bank 07 377 1507; Taupo Women's Refuge Crisis Line 07 377 1055; Waiora House Manager 07 378 0953; Youth Service 0800 884 7782; Tipu Ora 0800 348 2400.

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