A Bay of Plenty-based list MP wants to ease the burden of jury service on Rotorua residents, potentially by extending the boundary from which jurors are drawn.

It comes after a Rotorua principal, Linda Woon, expressed concerns about the impact of jury service on Rotorua schools.

Labour MP Angie Warren-Clark said she had met with Woon and talked through her concerns.

"She was quite concerned there was a higher burden ... We've written to the Ministry of Justice to see whether we can extend the area where jurors are selected from."


Woon was also concerned at the number of cases heard in the Rotorua courts in comparison with Tauranga.

The latest information on the Courts of New Zealand website showed that in 2016 the High Court at Rotorua held 11 jury trials while Tauranga held zero. The Rotorua District Court held 108 while the Tauranga District Court held 93.

Warren-Clark said information she'd received from the Electoral Commission revealed Rotorua had about 46,250 eligible jurors while Tauranga had about 124,100.

"It's an equity issue in terms of how often people are being called up," she said.

"People do have to do their civic duty but when there is a small population jurors are called on more often."

Warren-Clark said any potential changes would be difficult but the issue was an important one.

"It sounds like it would be an easy fix but it's actually not. It's part of our laws and regulations.

"I don't think it's the most important issue, I think homelessness and education and health are further up but this is a local issue which is serious for local businesses."


Meanwhile, Woon is continuing to look into the inequities between the loads on the Rotorua and Tauranga courts.