Keep your mongrels at home. On your side of the ditch.

That's the message the Australian Government is sending New Zealand.

Queensland in particular is turning up the heat on Mongrel Mob gang members who have already established themselves in the state.

They are in other states as well but Queensland's Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath is prepared to outlaw the gang.


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They are not messing about. They have laws that target and ban organised criminal outfits. They have already outlawed 28 organisations including their own notorious Fink, Rebel and Bandidos gangs.

Now you can add the Mongrel Mob. They can't gather together or wear their gang colours in public.

Gangs, as in New Zealand, have been around for a long time in Australia.

But obviously their police and justice system have enough to do with battling their own gangs.

They don't need any from New Zealand taking up residence and adding to their tough enough workload. Just by association you can now be deported.

A New Zealander was recently kicked out of Australia and now he's complaining. He can't understand why. He's done nothing wrong, he says.

But the Queensland Government obviously believes if you lie down with dogs you'll get fleas.

They say you won't be blameless, from criminal activities, if you associate with gang members. Just hanging out with them for the occasional beer and shooting the breeze can now get you kicked out.

Your mates are suspected of criminal activity that could include armed robberies, extortion, home invasion, firearms and drug offences, even murder. You will not be seen as desirable or wanted in Australia.

I don't blame Australia for getting tough on gangs. I wish we could send them somewhere too but we can't. They belong to us.

We have to own them and everything they do and stand for. We've become used to having them around. Used to their criminal offending. They fill our prisons and cost the taxpayer millions of dollars each year to house them.

It's not only Mongrel Mob members who are being targeted in Australia. If you are a new arrival, with only a few years residence under your belt, or have lived most of your life in Australia, you are vulnerable.

If you break the law you run the real risk of being deported. And the crimes don't have to be high level offending either.

The Australian Government doesn't give a toss about the notion of "mateship" with Kiwis when it comes to criminal and underworld activities. Don't go crying to them about "unfairness" and "have a heart". It seems Australia just wants shot of New Zealand-born criminals.

Pio Steven lived his whole life in Australia. He is a career criminal. He left New Zealand as a baby and has had no contact with family here. He is just one of hundreds ordered out.

Many of those being deported now were children when they left New Zealand with their parents and went to live in Australia.

They would consider themselves Australians. They have worked, paid taxes, had families and bought homes. It counts for nothing when you commit crime and were not born in Australia.

Your family can remain but you're out of there. And usually within a short time of being released from prison.

There's an appeal process, through the Department of Home Affairs, but they're upping deportations. If you've been to prison you won't pass the character test. They are unlikely to show compassion.

New Zealanders have to understand there will be consequences. You are putting everything on the line, family and your future, when you mess up in Australia.

Appeals from our Government won't get much of a hearing. Doing time by being sent back permanently to live in New Zealand must be the ultimate life sentence for some. For their victims I bet they're jumping for joy shouting "bloody good job".