A talk being held in Rotorua is aiming to help people clean out their lives - literally.

Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince will be bringing their project, The Rubbish Trip, to Rotorua on Tuesday, September 4, 5.30pm, at the Rotorua Lakes Council Chambers.

The couple travel New Zealand full-time, delivering free talks and presentations about how people can reduce their household rubbish.

Blumhardt said she and Prince had been living without rubbish since the beginning of 2015.


She said it started as a personal project because it was important to them but they then decided to share their learnings at a public talk in Wellington.

Blumhardt said it was supposed to be a one-off, but there was a lot of interest and requests were made to speak to schools and businesses, so they decided it would be great to do full-time.

The Rubbish Trip was started in July last year.

Prince said the public talks were jam-packed with information.

He said the first half covered some of the principles and philosophies of zero waste and some policy changes they thought would be important to move towards zero waste as a society.

The second half was practical tips, and he said they localised their talks to the city or town they were in.

Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince deliver a presentation to a school group in Tolaga Bay. Photo/Supplied
Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince deliver a presentation to a school group in Tolaga Bay. Photo/Supplied

"We, as a species are facing massive problems in the waste we're producing."

Blumhardt said reducing the waste in their lives had not been as difficult as they thought.


"I think a lot of people know waste is a problem but they feel overwhelmed and think it would be hard, so we want to make people aware of that, and I think people just don't know where to start."

She said going waste free was quite fun, and she and Liam had learnt how to do a lot of new things and saved hundreds of dollars.

Prince said their diet was also a lot better now.

The Rotorua presentation is hosted by Rotorua Lakes Council, a free event, and there will be free zero waste nibbles.

More details are available on the Rotorua Lakes Council Facebook page.

The original venue was Te Rūnanga Tea House, however, it will be at the council's chambers given the interest and expected larger crowd.