I have heaps of sympathy and understanding for the people who were evacuated from their homes but I have little sympathy for the people who aren't insured (Local News August 15).

For heaven's sake, it's the biggest asset you are likely to have and to put that at risk for a couple of thousand bucks a year is unbelievable.

As for people waiting for council to get back to them and explain what happened is like watching grass grow.

Anyway, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it out - too much water and nowhere for it to go, the lake was full to the brim and then some.


The powers that be should have a strategy in place when over the wettest months of the year the lake is at its minimum level so it can handle extreme water intake like this.

Congratulations to the Ngongotahā residents for rallying around each other and helping out. Situations like this is when you find out the true heart of your town and it sounds like Ngongotahā passed with flying colours.

Gavin Muir

Council magazine
In Letters August 15, Harry Brasser questions the cost to the ratepayer of our council's Tatau Tatau magazine.

Using the total city-wide annual revenue figures collected by the council, and factoring in the proportion that my cottage contributes to that, my arithmetic shows me that on average I am paying about $2.50 per issue of that magazine.

For the cost of half a cup of coffee every now and then, I am more than happy to be able to be kept up to date with what council is doing via a well-presented, informative magazine.

John Pakes