The community has the chance to come together while learning about and celebrating the sounds of Africa with drumming and dance workshops.

Kadodo West African Drum 'N' Dance are holding African drumming and dance workshops in Rotorua.

Kadodo teaches traditional West African drumming, dance and singing throughout New Zealand, and is led by Robert 'Koffie' Fugah - a master-drummer, dancer and story-teller from Ghana.

Organiser Hiroe Howell says beginners are welcome, with no music, drumming or dance experience needed.


Hiroe is a Japanese drumming team leader, and says African drumming is much easier than Japanese drumming.

"When you are learning and playing with other people, making rhythm together, it instantly gets everyone smiling and active."

She says Koffie always talks about the background of drumming, the songs, the stories and the dances.

"We want to share this wonderful chance to learn from a top choreographer originally from Ghana."

"It's fun whole-body movement."

She says there will also be chances to see Kadodo West African Drum 'N' Dance perform, with their performances usually getting people passing by to stop, watch and dance together.

Rotorua artist and drummer Martyn Evans says when Koffie first came to Rotorua there was an impromptu performance and within seconds their group had huge crowds around them.

He encourages people to give African drumming a go because it is active meditation and involves both sides of the brain and body.

"It also improves learning and it's about rhythm. It's great harmony with people."

Bookings for the workshops are essential. To book go to

For more information contact Hiroe on or (021) 035 2815.

- When: Friday September 14, 5.30pm to 8pm and Saturday September 15, 1.30pm to 4pm
- Where: The Arts Village, Eric Bridgman Room (1240 Hinemaru St)
- Cost: $30 for one day/$50 for two days. Drum hire $5 by cash at the workshop

- Thursday September 13, 6pm to 6.30pm at Rotorua Night Market
- Others to be confirmed