Eleven community organisations received gifts totalling $30,500 from the Geyser Community Foundation this year.

Geyser's Distribution Advisory Committee chairman Dr Kierin Irvine said projects supporting children in their early years and youth development featured prominently this year.

"It was exciting to receive a number of applications from organisations who had not previously applied for funding in this programme area."

Dr Irvine said Geyser trustees had now approved gifts totalling more than $240,000 to a wide range of community organisations in Taupō and Rotorua since being appointed funding manager in 2013.


All requests for funding are assessed by Geyser's Distribution Advisory Committee, a group of six volunteers representing the Taupō and Rotorua communities, who give their own time and expertise in considering the applications.

As a funding manager, the Geyser Community Foundation is provided with The Tindall Foundation funds to distribute to charitable organisations.

Preliminary applications open again on March 1 2019.

The 11 community organisations and charities to receive gifts from the Geyser Community Foundation this year were:

- Big Brothers Big Sisters Rotorua received a gift of $4500 to help with its business development programme. Big Brothers Big Sisters build strong, enduring and professionally supported mentoring relationships with young people to help them reach their full potential.

-Empowered Learning Trust received a gift of $4000 to screen and support local students with learning / processing difficulties such as Irlen Screening.

-Empowering Families (EFFECT) received a gift of $4000 to help with the running costs of its Space Programme, which begins when baby is 3-4 months old. The weekly programme gives families the opportunity to adjust to their new life, new routine and connect with other parents and babies, while exploring parenting and child development in a safe, facilitated environment.

- Family Focus Rotorua received a gift of $3000 to help provide more staff and volunteers to build their financial capability services. The budget advice service has operated in Rotorua for more than 60 years and is experiencing unprecedented demand.

- KidsCan received $4000 to provide raincoats for children attending low decile schools in the Rotorua and Taupo regions. The raincoats not only keep disadvantaged children warm and dry, they lift their self-esteem.

-Linton Park Community Trust received a gift of $2000 to help with the manager's salary. Linton Park Community Centre provides services, programmes and support to empower and encourage people to become more involved in their local community.


-The Parenting Place received a gift of $2000 to run four Parenting with Pio Programmes in the Rotorua District. The programmes provide parenting skills and practical, positive strategies which can be implemented in any family situation regardless of income, ethnicity, education or ability.

- Rotorua Multicultural Council received $1000 to help with the costs of its shared lunch events, which attract 25 – 50 people each month, and are well received by new and long-time migrants, and local community organisations.

- Scouting New Zealand received a gift of $4000 to help with the staffing costs of those running youth development and capacity building programmes for youth in the Rotorua District, particularly those isolated by financial, location, disability or for cultural reasons.

-Victim Support Rotorua received a gift of $1000 to help with their Volunteer Programme in the local community. The gift will help with recruiting, training and related expenses ensuring they have ready access to a pool of skilled volunteers, which is critical to the success of their work.

- Western Heights Community Association received $4000 for its Healthy Homes initiative, helping provide heaters and blankets to families in need to prevent illness and to keep families warm and dry.