New Zealand author Emma Stevens will share her experiences of survival and the daily rituals of a remote life in "bush Alaska".

She is visiting Te Aka Mauri next Friday to share her experiences and talk about the three books she wrote about her time there.

Emma says she just loves doing book talks.

"I love to meet the people who are interested in my adventures, and as a teacher, to share some of the incredible and often unknown information about Alaska and its many cultures."

Following the talk, books will be available to buy and there will be a chance for one lucky person to win a trilogy set.

A light afternoon tea will also be provided by Friends of the Rotorua Library.

Emma's experiences are told in a trilogy of books. Photo/Supplied
Emma's experiences are told in a trilogy of books. Photo/Supplied

Emma's experiences are told in the trilogy of books; Walking on Ice, Nesting on the Nushagak and Dancing on the Tundra.

In her talks, which have proven popular throughout New Zealand, Emma gives insights into 'her' Alaska, including the lifestyle, danger and diversity of the indigenous people residing there.

Emma says many people may be familiar with Alaska's huge oil and gas resources, the weather, seafood industry and the wildlife. She will talk about the Alaska that is seldom seen.

She says her talk will be about survival, the daily rituals and the "be prepared" boy scout motto in action in what is often an inhospitable climate.

Emma is a storyteller who enjoys the entertainment she can bring to her audience.

"I never have a rehearsed presentation. I let the momentum of the group carry me along.

"This allows us to develop a special bond together that is often hard to break at the end of the talk. They don't want me to stop, and I am sometimes unsure of where to end."

All are welcome to go along for Emma's talk which will be held in the Discovery Space at Rotorua Library, Te Aka Mauri, next Friday from 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

A gold coin koha is appreciated.

People are asked to RSVP for catering purposes. For more information or to RSVP go to