Rotorua's 21st Lakeside Concert will be on March 9, 2019.

The date was announced on Facebook today.

Lakeside Concert Charitable Trust chairman Ian Edward said there would be a "proper launch" towards November when funding was secured and until then the organising team "have to get the ducks in a row".

"The first thing was getting the ground secured. So that date is pencilled in for us. We have appointed a team of artistic directors. They proposed various artists, we have selected one from three submissions received, so that team then sets about to prepare plans."


He also said it was good to get the date confirmed early so that other organisations could be aware.

"We have selected that date to work in with those doing the Te Matatini Kapa Haka competition. A lot of the people are involved in both events so we have to allow some recovery time for them and time to shift the equipment."

He said he would be travelling from Dunedin to Auckland next month to attract funding for the event with mayor Steve Chadwick.

"That is something we have always done ... We go to gaming trusts and various philanthropic organisations."

He said it was important to thank the donors in person for their past support, and "go over the outcomes this year and just what our plans are".

This year, major donor Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust (RECT) donated $50,000 to the weekend's concert, which was $70,000 less than its usual donation.

When asked if there would be any major changes to alcohol and security management, Edward said that was yet to be discussed.

"Any issues we will review as we do every year. Primarily, it is fundamental that it is free and accessible for every citizen in the district."


This year's event on February 17 was marred by 33 arrests around the periphery of the Village Green, as young people became disorderly and violent.

At the time, Edward said the event was an outstanding success, with probably its biggest crowd to date.

He said there was bound to be some minor issues with so many people there.