Whakatane's SPCA Centre has taken the inaugural "Going the Extra Mile" award at this year's SPCA Purina Volunteer Awards for its efforts during the Edgecumbe flood.

Coinciding with National Volunteer Week, this year's SPCA Purina Volunteer Awards introduced six new award categories including "Going the Extra Mile".

SPCA Whakatane centre manager Vicki Barnard said during the SPCA's first response to the flood, 900 animals were rescued.

"The number of animals coming through the centre increased dramatically after the flood damaged farmland, increased animal infectious diseases spread by flood water and resulted in loss of equipment and supplies," Barnard said.


"Volunteers have worked exceptionally hard during a very busy, emotional and distressing time. Not only in the weeks after the flood but even now, response efforts are still ongoing."

SPCA chief executive and Volunteer Awards judge Andrea Midgen said SPCA could not function without the contribution of a national network of more than 5000 volunteers and partners like Purina.

The Whakatane centre will get a $1500 Prezzy card and a year's supply of Purina One.

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