Last weekend Marist Magic got back to winning ways, while Murupara Stingers and Kahukura Red kept up their hot streaks in Premier 1.

Murupara will look to maintain that momentum this weekend when they take on last-placed Waikite Panthers.

Marist play Rotorua Girls' High School in what should be a tight encounter, while Kahukura Red play Mitchell Downs.

Senior Championship draw
The Chix - Bye

Ct 01: Premier 1, Murupara Stingers v Waikite Panthers; Ct 02: Senior A, Manawatahi Taiohi v Waikite Flamez; Ct 03: Premier 2, Eastside Gurls 1 v Tuhoe; Ct 04: Premier 2, Pikiao Warriors v Marist Rebels; Ct 05: Senior A, Pikiao Raiders v Kahukura White; Ct 06: Premier 1, Marist Magic v RGHS Prem 1; Ct 07: Senior B, KTTTOF GIRLS v Eastside Gurls 2; Ct 08: Senior B, Vegas Lady Bugs v Mana.


Ct 01: A Grade, Ngati Kea Ngati Tuara v Waikite Social; Ct 02: Premier 2, Whaka Black v Ngongotaha Gold; Ct 03: A Grade, Ngongotaha Hapori v Manawatahi Black; Ct 04: Premier 1, Kahukura Red v Mitchell Downs; Ct 05: Senior A, Rotoiti Gold v Reporoa Rangers; Ct 06: A Grade, Marist Inferno v Kahukura Blue; Ct 07: Senior B, Hinemoa Point v Marist Souls.

Secondary School Championship
Ct 01: Collegiate D, WHHS Y9&10 Violet v JPC Coll Y9 Orange; Ct 02: Collegiate D, JPC Coll Y10 Blue v RLHS Jnr Blue; Ct 03: Collegiate C, WHHS Y9&10 Gold v WHHS Y9 Blue; Ct 04: Collegiate C, RGHS Jnr Maroons v Kahukura Jnr White; Ct 05: Collegiate C, Rep Coll Y9&10 v RGHS Jnr Blue; Ct 06: Collegiate B, RLHS Jnr Gold v JPC Coll Y9 Yellow; Ct 07: Collegiate B, JPC Coll Y9 Maroon v WHHS Jun Dev; Ct 08: Collegiate B, RGHS Jnr A v Tawhiuau Tirotiro Y9&10; Ct 09: Collegiate A, Rotoiti Juniors Y9&10 v RIN Taonga; Ct 10: Collegiate A, WHHS Jnr A v JPC Coll Y10 Black; Ct 11: Collegiate A, RLHS Jun A v Kahukura Jun Red.

Ct 01: Open Sec C, WHHS Sen Blue v WHHS Sen B; Ct 02: Open Sec C, Huiarau Tukana Y11-13 v RLHS Sen Devel; Ct 03: Open Sec B, WHHS Sen Dev v Kahukura Snr Blue; Ct 04: Open Sec B, RGHS Prem 2 v Rep Coll Sen A; Ct 05: Open Sec B, Nga Wharekura o Rotorua Y11-13 v JPC Coll Sen Devel; Ct 06: Open Sec A, Ngongotaha Pirahnaz v RLHS Sen A; Ct 07: Open Sec A, JPC Coll Y10 White v RGHS Jnr Prems; Ct 08: Open Sec A, JPC Coll Sen A v WHHS Sen A.

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